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(catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition with M.R. Gallery in Brescia, Italy, in 2006)

This 36 page Leporello is a hand-folded Lambda print of more than 10 meters, in one piece. Menabo means maquette in Italian, or in this case (book)dummy. I wanted to get away from these "serious' and costly-to-do photography books.

And, like with Drifting, it was another reaction to Rainchild. Perhaps with the aim to be lighter and to play even more. Mauro Rossi is a friend who at that time had his gallery in Brescia. Very kind and crazy man. The perfect accomplice to Menabo.

a small menu card from a restaurant in the mountains of Toscana

a brownish changing skyline of a city

a dummy called Our Fathers, our mothers are from Tokyo

a dummy cover with the image called Frozen Rain

a little man, made by my son from left-over carton strips

a conclusion, that "if I were a bird, I would constantly fly the skylines of our cities"


Published by M.R. Gallery, Brescia, Italy in 2006

Edition 200 copies, signed and numbered

Printed by Newlab in Brescia, Italy

Menabo's spreads are published here with the kind permission of Mauro Rossi, the publisher

Copyright images is with the publisher and the photographer