Collage from the final Heartbeat dummy (1994)

Between the end of 1990 and 1994 I made about seven different dummies for Heartbeat. Some with fiberprints, the others photocopied. This began after the unexpected passing away of my mother. I had photographed about 15 years and made selections from that period, about her of course, and about everything else that mattered: my relationships, my brother, my friends, my son and the places where I lived, mostly in The Netherlands and in France. Heartbeat became a visual poem in which happiness and sadness went hand in hand. Nothing was linear or chronological in the book.

The images I used for Heartbeat were taken without any intent to publish them in a book. I never was much of a planner and I photographed from intuition, always kind of reacting to things. I began by photographing directly around me. And that never changed much, except of course, my circles of living life became larger, or different, or something.



(self) published by Volute 1994

Illustrated hardboards (issued without dustjacket)

Size 23 X 31.5 cm. 64 pages duotone printing

Photographs and texts Machiel Botman

Editing & design Machiel Botman, Adriaan Monshouwer, Victor Levie and Fred Ritchin

Scans and printing by Veenman Drukkers, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Binding Boekbinderij Van Mierlo, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

First edition 1500 copies total, of which 500 in Dutch, 500 English and 500 French.

For each language there was a limited edition (mentioned in the colofon) of 15 copies, with a signed fiberprint of the cover image. This limited edition had a handmade slipcase, illustrated by the author.

The exhibition Heartbeat opened in Het Nederlands Foto Instituut in Rotterdam, in december of 1994. With the prints we also put up one of the dummies, a leporello of nearly 20 meters long. 


Slipcase limited edition of Heartbeat - none were the same




Profile by Dean Brierly


Aperture Photobook Review

Aperture Photobook Review launches Issue 002. It's got a story about the making of Kiyoshi Suzuki's book Soul and Soul 1969 - 1999,  made for Suzuki's retrospective exhibition with Noorderlicht in The Netherlands, in 2008.


One Tree

My latest book One Tree has been published, with Nazraeli Press. Mostly photographed since 2005 and in Italy.

The Dutch photographer shows black-and-white images from his new book, “One Tree,” most of which seem to be about things glimpsed in passing—a world more lost than found. Figures are a ghostly blur or a half-seen reflection; landscapes dissolve and shatter. The work is dreamy and disorienting and sometimes results from multiple exposures: a chair floats before a building façade; a white horse is superimposed on the view of a distant house on a hill. But even the most seemingly straightforward pictures can leave you in a world of uncertainty. 

Vince Aletti, in The New Yorker of February 6, 2012





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